What to expect at your first acupuncture treatment?

The first acupuncture treatment takes around 1.5hrs, and involves taking a full traditional diagnosis and discussing what you would like to achieve from the acupuncture treatment and what your main complaint is.  


Acupuncture treatment is included in the first session, and subsequent appointments last around an hour.

During your first visit we will ask questions to allow us to differentially diagnose the root cause of your symptoms - everybody is different and therefore we need to understand you and the imbalances in your body to treat you effectively.

During the treatment we may use a variety on methods in addition to acupuncture needles, which include Moxa, guasha and tuina.  Before using alternative Chinese Medicine treatment techniques, this will be explained to yourself.

We will discuss how many treatments are needed, and when you should start seeing results - many people feel a change in themselves from the first treatment.

Dietary advice may be given, as this may improve the effects of the treatment.

We will continue to monitor your progress at each session, to see how the treatment is taking affect and if a change in treatment protocol is required.

As always - any questions please just ask!