'Sharon has transformed my life in the last 8 weeks. I’ve been suffering for a chronic pain condition for years and have been under the care of two pain consultants and they couldn’t help. When I went for my first appointment, I could barely walk and to manage going to work I had to do nothing but rest when I wasn’t at work. It was so bad, I was going to apply for a blue badge. Fast forward 8 weeks and I’m walking 5 miles everyday! I’m still sore but not in agony and I can enjoy life and my lovely family. She is amazing.'  Sarah O

'My partner called Sharon in desperation after I had treatment with another practitioner and felt very unwell and I went into a mental health crisis.  Sharon opened her clinic on the weekend and allowed me the time to 'let the needles work' whilst also looking after my family who were waiting for me in reception.  Sharon worked closely with my GP and the crisis team over the next few months.  We are so grateful to have found you Miss M, thank you for being non-judgemental and seeing the bright side of situations.' NM

'I am in a physically and mentally gruelling career.  How Sharon tolerates me I do not know.  Every time I see her I am 'broken' but with her smile, wit and laughter she seems to somehow patch me back together ready to break myself again.  Thank you for seeing the boys and I after tour.  You are the one that deserves the medal!'  MJP

'Sharon is very caring and her treatment helped me after 2.5yrs of pain.' Jo P

'I saw Sharon for sciatica and she also fixed my insomnia and migraines - don't ask me how it works, but it does'.  Chris B

'My husband had to carry me into the clinic after being in so much pain from another practitioners treatment (check your Acupuncturists credentials!!).  I could not believe that I was able to walk out unaided.  After 2 treatments I was back on track and horse riding again.  I promise not to break myself again!!'. Mary T

'I saw Sharon for the side effects of Chemotherapy and associated drugs.  Going through menopause and having the additional side effects of hot sweats from the drugs was debilitating.  After one treatment the side effects had halved and after 4 treatments I have one or two sweats a week (not every hour!).  I still have monthly 'maintenance' top up treatments to keep things ticking over'. Sally B 

'Awesome, absolutely top notch, approach, details, can only recommend this treatment. Never thought it has as brilliant results as it does. 12 out of 10.' PTSD Veteran

'Living with Chronic Fatigue and ME is debilitating, add post natal depression I was desperate for someone to listen and help me.  Thank you Sharon for allowing me to have my life back with my daughter and husband'.  Mandy J

'I have been receiving acupuncture treatment for nearly a year for rheumatoid arthritis. Sharon's treatments have helped me greatly with the pain and with my mobility after steroid injections did not work. I also received weekly treatment before having a full knee replacement to prepare my body for surgery which helped greatly in recovery.' Hillary J

'Sharon is amazing- couldn't recommend her enough. And the sleep afterwards. Will most definitely be going back!' Jess C

'This is the most unexpected surprise I've ever had... I'm pregnant, you are a miracle worker!!?' Mrs L, Unexplained infertility.

'I was sceptical as to how Acupuncture could help my ongoing Anxiety and chronic back pain.  Sharon and I spoke in detail prior to my appointment on how Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine could help (I am petrified of needles).  She also explained how my endometriosis could be affecting my anxiety and back pain and in turn how this was causing my IBS.   After one treatment I felt like a different person, I could walk my dog to the end of the street and back without crying in pain and I slept with no nightmares and waking up panicked.  She transformed my life and is desperately missed in the Cotswolds'.  Miss C