Why does my Acupuncturist ask me to book in for 'maintenance' treatments?

When you first have acupuncture your Acupuncturist will most probably see you weekly for about 6 weeks (or more if needed) to work their magic through their little unicorn blessed needles. During this time we balancing and moving things in your body and you will most certainly be feeling the effects and benefits of the treatment. We will smile as we feel your pulses and ask you to stick your tongue out at us (again!!) and then there will come a time when the weekly treatments go to fortnightly, and then monthly and then a very sad day when we say 'lets book you in for maintenance'.

Although sad - as we don't get to see you, it means that things are going in the right direction and your body is healing by itself now without our help. This is great news! The importance of maintenance treatments is to check in to see if things are still going like they should be, or if we have to balance things again, then we can nip things in the bud.

This week was a reminder for a patient why they needed to come for maintenance treatments. The appointments had been pushed back a few times and then they called up and sheepishly said 'Shaz, I think I have broken myself. Can you please fix me again?'. After a little giggle from both of us (who couldn't giggle at that statement!) maintenance treatment will go ahead this week!

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