Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Many of you would have already had a giggle with myself when I ask to see your tongue. It becomes routine over time as you visit, but often the question arises why do I ask to see your tongue? What does it tell me and what am I looking for?

Every tongue is unique and different, and surprisingly a persons tongue is constantly changing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the tongue is a reflection of what is happening inside the body, so although we have a chat before treatment I always check your pulses and tongue. I then know how the treatments are working, and if there is anything that I need to be altering in my treatment strategy.

I look for the colour of your tongue, any coatings and the colour of these, the size and length of your tongue, any cracks, dots or peeled patches on the tongue and if your tongue is dry or wet.

The interesting part for myself is matching this to how you say you feel, and what your pulses are telling me (thats a whole other blog post) and how this all relates to each other and then to consider all the acupuncture points around the body to nourish and rebalance your system.

So when you see me pondering and thinking, and then rechecking a pulse and asking see your tongue again - I have all these equations running through my brain of the most elegant treatment to provide you.

Simples eh?

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