The Marathon vs The Race

For most walking around our village orchard, they probably mindlessly walk past all the trees not realising that some are already in leaf; some have blossoms already swirling around on the ground; and some are still standing strong with just the first hints of spring buds coming through - a little barren in foliage and somewhat bare. 

I stood looking at the spring lambs frolicking in the fields and then I saw the tall sturdy oak tree, still young, but scarred on its trunk.  It was a reminder to me that in life some people run a race - like the apple tree and their blossoms catching attention for their limited performance, and then you have the oak, more solid and heavy a little scarred and just starting to go into bud before it spreads itself out providing protection - more a marathon runner of the season. 

Last year we had extreme temps with late snows and then intense heat and there were hardly any apples - however the oak trees still provided a beautiful Cool respite from the extreme heat.  This reminded me of a saying someone said to me when I was comparing myself to others a few years ago. 

‘Are you in for the marathon, or are you in for the race’.  We all go through periods in our lives (our marathon) where we have to the up the speed for the race, but remember to slow back down - something we forget to do! 

Keep a solid pace, you going to get scarred along the way but when you do blossom, the appreciation of many will be unspoken.  Remember your marathon, not just a single race.  #bekindtoyourself #selfcare #grounding #qiwork #qigong #acupuncture #oaktrees #standtall #marathonorrace


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