Are you Mind Full or Mindful?

One of the things I often ask myself and my patients - Is your mind full or are you mindful? Having a mind full often leads to stress and overwhelm, and what is playing on your mind so heavily that you getting bogged down and your health is taking a battering?

I know for myself the areas that bog me down is expectations of others towards myself and putting others needs before my own. On the flip side of this I need to be mindful, that some people will keep on taking and set unrealistic expectations on myself, with myself then taking responsibility for them.

Most mornings I now sit in silence for a few hours emptying my mind before the world around me wakes up. I take in and appreciate everything that I have - and these are not materialistic things that one is so often judged for in modern day society. I gave up a materialistic lifestyle some 8 years ago. The fancy and expensive German cars, a 7 bedroom triple story house with a 25m swimming pool just for myself, and the title of ‘director’ that I sacrificed many things for at the age of 28.

Living to others expectations of myself created such turmoil within myself, I was never happy with my fill. Was this drive and determination or self destruction?

Maybe just for a few minutes today stop and think what you are grateful for. Be present in the now. What is causing the negativity and your mind to be over processing that you wake up at 2am routinely to solve the worlds problems?

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