The following healthcare insurance companies are accepted for treatments under BAA & BMAS  practitioners.  Please check with your insurance company prior to treatment.  Payment to be made at time of appointment and claimed by the client.


Aviva Health Care– 0800 068 3827,


 AXA PPP Healthcare – 0800 111 4004 ( Mon-Fri 9am to 7 pm),

  • Cover up to ten acupuncture sessions each policy year on referral from a GP.

  • Not covered for chronic conditions, pre-existing conditions, pregnancy and childbirth and cosmetic treatment.

Beneden Health– 0800 414 8071 ( Mon – Fri 8:45am to 5:30 pm),

  • Acupuncture treatment provided by a professionally qualified and registered acupuncturist is payable according to the benefit schedule (from a maximum of £75 at Level 1 to a maximum of £350 at level 5) up to the combined maximum benefit per Insured Person in each Policy Year.

BHSF– 0800 622 552  ( Mon – Fri 8:45am to 5:30 pm),

  • BAF registrants accepted. They have multiple levels from £150 – £750.

CS Healthcare– 0800 917 4325 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5 pm),

  • Acupuncture covered on referral from GP or Specialist/Consultant under the Therapy & Care option.

  • Two sessions will be pre-authorised in the first instance, and if more treatment is required thereafter, a Treatment Plan will be required from the Therapist to decide whether further cover is available.

  • Will not cover pre-existing conditions.

Equips ME– 020 3965 6410,

  • These are now part of AXA Health Care

 The Exeter– 0300 123 3201,

  • Health cash plan covers acupuncture under complementary therapies from £300 (basic cover) to £600 a year. Health+ Policy covers acupuncture from as little as no cover to as much as unlimited cover, depending on your benefit options. Chronic conditions, pre-existing conditions, and a number of other exclusions apply.


Freedom Health Care – 0800 470 1765,

  • Cover acupuncture for treatments ideally with GP recommendation / referral.

  • Provide cover for exploratory treatments to see if they will resolve the issue.


 General & Medical Healthcare– 0800 980 4601,

  • Acupuncture is covered under complementary medicine. Cover ranges from £250 to £1,500 dependent on the policy you choose.

  • Normal exclusions apply, i.e no pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Initially you would have to go to your NHS GP to obtain a referral.

  • The Acupuncturist would need to be under the age of 70 and recognised by General and Medical Healthcare as a complementary medicine practitioner.

HSF– 0800 917 2208, email at,

  • HSF health plan helps towards the cost of acupuncture treatment by a qualified and registered practitioner.

  • Dependent on level of cover chosen, cover can range from £75 to £900 a year.

  • Normal exclusions apply, will not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

Medicash– 0800 011 2222,

  • Three levels offered – £100, £200, £300.

  • Normal exclusions apply, will not cover pre-existing medical conditions.


 Simply Health– 0370 908 3481,

  • Four levels offered – £50, £150, £250, £350.

  • Normal exclusions apply, will not cover pre-existing medical conditions.


UK HealthCare– 01204 522775

  • These are part of Westfield Health Care